3rd Bridging the Sea debate : Civil society Resources and sustainability01.11.2021

IRADA platform organised an online debate in the framework of Bridging the Sea: a Review of Mediterranean Civil Society” publication in partnership with Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality programme. The event was held online on 18 September 2021 under the topic «Civil society Resources and sustainability »

The objective of this debate was to enhance Algerian civil society awareness about the main results of the mapping survey and to address multi-stakeholder experiences for the implementation of sustainable solutions through a networking process.

As a REF (Réseau Euromed France) member, Sarah Chelal shared her experience on building, implementing and operationalizing a sustainable network, sociocracy and existing models in France as well as the importance of a good leadership in this context.

Besides, Badreddine Cherif, trainer and secretary general of ECA association (Étoile Culturelle d’Akbou), gave an overview about his experience in terms of civil society networking through the Anna Lindh Foundation, within the Algerian socio-political context. It is recalled that ECA has one of the best networking experience in Algeria, and in particular in managing Youth Communal Councils from 2011 until today.

The webinar was also an occasion to exchange with the audience about sociocracy as an innovative model and local management of youth networks as dynamic of sustainability.


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