About the e-Library

In its regional work for civil society operating in the Southern Neighbourhood and the Euro-Med space at large,  the Med Dialogue Programme  realized the need to create this online user-friendly repository digital library  to:  

Primarily; (1) Showcase the work done under civil society support programmes and projects funded by the European Commission, and particularly the Directorate General NEAR, and other European institutions, (2) have access to various studies, reports, news, information related to EU-CSO Southern Neighbourhood work, (3) provide information about regional issues along the lines of Policy areas of interest for the Med Dialogue Rights and Equality Programme, aimed at supporting CSO’s advocacy in the region  and CSO’s impact on decision-making, including transnational advocacy, and  

Secondarily; 4)Provide wider access to opportunities (training, funding, partnerships, calls for interest, calls for papers, etc.) to the target audience. 

It is a useful reference for: 

Building, informing, mobilising, and maintaining a strong community of stakeholders and target groups around the civil society’s work for rights and equality, while ensuring European Union’s visibility. In addition to promoting EU support to civil society in the Southern Neighbourhood, and bridging the existing information gap, by displaying existing resources and good practices, and providing wider access to opportunities.  

The e-Library is: 

  1. A selection of rich and diverse information resources and sources about EU support to the civil society in the Southern Neighbourhood.   
  2. A review of programmes and projects related to civil society work in the region, 
  3. A collection of documents – such as good practices, toolkits, research/case studies, mapping studies, surveys, reports, manuals, policy-papers, scientific and academic papers or infographics – as well as websites providing opportunities for practitioners, activists, etc..  including the Majalat E-Library  

These items are classified under: 

(a) databased websites,  

(b) EU-funded open, closing and undergoing projects and EU programmes supporting Civil Society in the South,  

(c) individual resources.  

This library is updated every end of the month.