Lines of work

Shaping Tomorrow’s Changemakers: MDRE’s Core Initiatives

Empowering Youth Leadership Imagine a space where young leaders bloom, where 75 emerging voices from the Southern Neighbourhood’s civil society come together. Over one-year cycles, these young visionaries are not just learning; they’re stepping into their roles as advocates and leaders. They’re the future, and the MDRE’s Young Civil Society Leaders Program is their launchpad, aiming to weave their voices into the ongoing dialogue shaping the region’s policies.

Dialogue That Bridges Continents Here’s where conversations spark action. The MDRE doesn’t just talk about Structured Dialogue; they create arenas for it, focusing on critical sectors like Good Governance, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Economic Development, Migration, and Climate Action. Creating the spaces where hundreds of minds from both the Southern Civil Society and EU institutions converge to dissect, debate, and design solutions for shared challenges.

Partners in Progress MDRE doesn’t go it alone – they have allies in this journey. With Framework Partners like the Arab Reform Initiative, COSPE, and others, they’ve forged alliances to bolster the dialogue between the EU and civil society. This is collaboration on a grand scale, creating ripples of change throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Guiding the European Commission Support goes both ways. The MDRE lends its expertise back to the heart of the EU, offering tailored tools and strategies to the European Commission and the EU Delegations dotting the Southern Neighbourhood. From crafting engagement strategies to conducting region-specific studies, they’re the behind-the-scenes force driving informed, effective EU action in civil society.