BRIDGING THE SEA publication: Arabic version is now available!15.07.2021

BRIDGING THE SEA: A Review of Mediterranean Civil Society, is the final output of the survey research carried out by the Med Dialogue Programme, and aimed at mapping civil society networks, platforms and other entities active in the southern Mediterranean and Euro-Med space. Building upon data and findings of the research, this digital publication offers statistical data on needs, activities, and orientations of the regional civil society networks in the Mediterranean, as well as an assessment of their needs and challenges.

The publication includes an appraisal of social, political, and cultural implications of the regional networks’ work through thematic contributions prepared by social scientists and CSO practitioners, based on the assessment of the collected data and their relation with the observed trends.

These findings allow for general conclusions and recommendations to build upon it for future political and resource support to, as well as for quantitative and qualitative research into organisations and networks that work across borders in this region, and which seek to advocate for rights and equality within their countries of origin and the region.

BRIDGING THE SEA: A Review of Mediterranean Civil Society also provides an insight on “good practices” carried out by 13 identified civil society organizations, chosen for their positive contribution in meeting the challenges related to the issues addressed in the analytical part: regional advocacy, CSOs and democracy, civil society work sustainability, environmental engagement, and a Mediterranean common vision.

These practices could be used for multiple purposes, such as delving into and extracting new ideas and strategies on how to manage a situation or solve a problem and implement transnational advocacy campaigns. 

A list of the mapped civil society networks, platforms and other entities completes the publication.

While BRIDGING THE SEA does not claim to “close the book” on what Mediterranean civil society is and what it could become, it does strive to provide a space to reflect and spark action on behalf of all those who wish to see a stronger civil society in the region, working toward establishing a shared culture of rights and equality, which is the necessary condition for a future of peace, stability, respect, and cohesion.

The English version of “BRIDGING THE SEA” is there for your inspiration!

Download the Arabic version here.

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