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“Hack to Act” Programme

Applications now open!
The “Hack to Act” Programme aims at supporting the digital space and technology’s capacities as a tool for socio-political change. It consists of three components, including an Ideathon, a Hackathon and the development of prototypes. The programme is addressed to democracy activists who use the “Digital civic space” and new technologies to promote democracy through citizens’ activism. At the Ideathon, activists will focus on diverse aspects, such as accountability, transparency, community involvement and active citizenship, “digital rights” and digital security. Up to 15 ideas derived from their work will serve as the basis for a later Hackathon event designed to help CSOs to engage into new forms of activism working with IT developers and designers. The 3 best IT proposals will then be selected for the development of full prototypes serving the cause of democracy.

Main objectives

  • Promote the use of new technologies and of a design-thinking culture among activists and civil society actors engaged for democracy in South Mediterranean countries, as one way to build knowledge-based sustainable civil resilience and influence.
  • Develop the digital and socio-political competences, mentor, and accompany activists and civil society actors in the target countries, throughout the entire ‘Hack to Act’ process from idea-generation, problem framing, research, ideation, prototyping, testing, development, and promotion of the end product.

The main objective of the programme is to enhance an enabling environment for CSOs by tapping into new forms of activism that might facilitate citizens’ participation in decision-making processes and use the online civic space in a strategic way, that can promote citizens’ influence and social resilience.

The process

  • Up to 30 activists / civil society actors will be selected to join the Ideathon. At the end of this phase (capacity building), a group of up to 15 selected ‘project idea holders’ among the participants will be identified (pitching);
  • They will match with IT specialists and graphic designers who, together with the activists / CSO actors, will form the “Hack Teams” taking part in the Hackathon “Hack to Act” (up to 15 teams of three members each: activist, IT specialist, graphic designer).
  • Three projects will be selected during the Hackathon and awarded to produce each a prototype in the course of the year 2021.

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