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Policy Dialogue Programme

The Policy dialogue workshops are held in 2020 and 2021, and center around two thematic issues identified by the team following the Networks Mapping outputs: fostering democratic local governance and overcoming socio-economic inequalities.

Organised with the support expertise of the staff from European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), these workshops bring together representatives from selected CSOs, with the participation online or in-person of EU Delegations’ staff working on policy dialogue, to allow for the sharing of a wide range of experiences.

The presence of a limited number of CSO representatives from the Northern shore, aims as well at multiplying the exchange opportunities. The seminars focus on identifying and selecting interesting cases of fruitful policy dialogues related to the topic of the seminar and elaborating on challenges and tools for policy influence based on concrete experiences. A common structure and orientation to results will be key-elements of the seminars, while combining collective learning with a hands-on approach. Seminars will be held both online and in-person.

Due to the restrictions resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, the course will be divided in two parts: Firstly, a series of online sessions will take place during the months of November and December 2020, covering the main theoretical aspects and guiding the participants through a list of recommended readings that should allow them to deepen their knowledge on policy dialogue.

Secondly, according to their interest and background, the participants in the training course will be divided into two groups corresponding to the two topics selected: Addressing socio-economic inequalities and Developing local governance and local democracy serving citizens. For each of the topics selected, one in-person seminar will be organized in the first quarter of 2021 in locations that are still to be determined.

Three months after the completion of the in-person seminars, a webinar event will be organised to assess the experiences made by the participants in policy dialogue exercises, and coach them on addressing possible challenges and finding possible solutions.

Participants in the training course are civil society representatives from the Mediterranean region with working experience on advocacy. To make the most of their professional backgrounds and promote cooperation amongst participants, the course will include group assignments based on the development of case studies. These will be linked to the two themes mentioned above and will seek to complete the theoretical contents of the online sessions with a hands-on experience on analysing the many factors at play in any given policy dialogue.

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