Priority sectors

Navigating Change: CSFM’s Strategic Priorities for a Thriving Dialogue around the Mediterranean

The CSFM promotes policy dialogue and capacity development around 4 main global areas:

  • One of the foremost priority sectors is Good Governance and Human Rights. In this realm, the CSFM supports dialogue and capacity development around International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and Fundamental Freedoms (focusing on Freedom of Expression, Association and Assembly. By bolstering civil society’s capacity to monitor public policy making and implementation, the Facility seeks to promote human rights and effective service delivery to citizens.
  • Economic Development is another critical sector that focuses on creating inclusive growth opportunities to reduce poverty and inequality. The CSFM encourages dialogue and capacity development on a wide range or economic development-related topics, such as social and solidarity economy, innovative trade relations or supply chains in the MENA region. Through discussions around these topics, the Facility aims to contribute to the region’s overall economic resilience by fostering an environment conducive to economic innovation and entrepreneurship, while enabling dialogue on existing European trade policies, fostering the involvement of civil society actors from the South Neighborhood
  • Migration (or Human Mobility) is addressed through the recognition of the potential of migration to contribute to economic and social development. In this, the Facility seeks to facilitate dialogue between civil society and European institutions to harness this potential responsibly and effectively. Examples of this dialogue can be articulated around the European policies and those of its Member States that enable legal migration (legal pathways); the recent agreements being signed between the EU and individual SN countries; or the genesis and discussions surrounding the document and the adoption of the European Pact on Migration and Asylum, to name a few.
  • Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability is also a crucial topic being addressed by the Facility. By empowering CSOs to advocate for environmental policies and engage in conservation efforts, the Facility aims to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change and ensure the long-term sustainability of the region’s natural resources. Increasing the understanding by European policy makers of what a just energy transition entails in MENA and the challenges/opportunities inherent in using renewables as leverage to build fairer and more sustainable economies seems crucial. Also, exploring and outlining opportunities for better policy making – notably at the EU level – to address some of the challenges identified, jointly between Civil Society and EU institutions seems also key.