Priority sectors

Navigating Change: CSFM’s Strategic Priorities for a Thriving Mediterranean

One of the foremost priority sectors is Good Governance and Human Rights. In this realm, the CSFM supports initiatives aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and the rule of law. By bolstering civil society’s capacity to monitor government actions and advocate for legal reforms, the facility seeks to ensure that governments uphold human rights and deliver services effectively and equitably to their citizens.

Economic Development is another critical sector, focusing on creating inclusive growth opportunities that can reduce poverty and inequality. The CSFM encourages projects that support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promote fair trade, and facilitate access to employment, particularly for marginalized groups. By fostering an environment conducive to economic innovation and entrepreneurship, the facility aims to contribute to the region’s overall economic resilience.

Migration is addressed with a dual focus on protecting the rights of migrants and leveraging migration for development. The CSFM supports initiatives that provide legal assistance, advocacy for policy reforms, and integration services for migrants and refugees. Additionally, the facility recognizes the potential of migration to contribute to economic and social development and seeks to facilitate dialogue between countries of origin, transit, and destination to harness this potential responsibly and effectively.

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability stand out as areas of increasing concern, with the CSFM dedicating resources to projects that promote environmental protection, sustainable resource management, and adaptation to climate change. By empowering CSOs to advocate for environmental policies and engage in conservation efforts, the facility aims to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change and ensure the long-term sustainability of the region’s natural resources.

The CSFM also prioritises sectors such as Education and Cultural Heritage, recognising their importance in fostering social cohesion, identity, and mutual understanding among diverse communities. Initiatives that promote access to quality education, cultural exchange, and the preservation of cultural heritage sites contribute to the social fabric and stability of the region.