10 Days for the Mediterranean – Le Matna Ecolo15.12.2020

Country: Algeria
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Zeineb Mechieche
Organization: Association DZ explorer, Algeria
Duration: 01-18 June 2020

This action aims to create the first network of young Algerian leaders active in the field of environmental protection with the purpose to work together with countries of the southern Mediterranean that aim to promote an environmental awareness campaign towards achieving sustainable development goals. The campaign will help participants to understand the importance of preserving ecosystems, assess their everyday habits impact on the environment and support sustainable tourism. This action will result in increasing the interaction between the activists and deepening their knowledge and understanding of preserving the environment, in addition to encouraging conservation of irreplaceable natural resources.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting a virtual training workshop by using the platform Zoom in order to discuss and share experiences.
  • Organizing a guided tour of the El Hamma botanical garden (at the end of the lockdown)
  • Implementing an awareness-raising campaign on the importance of sustainable tourism and environmental protection




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