Agribusiness Incubator and Accelerator – غرس GHARS11.02.2021

Leader’s name: Yahya Sahyoun
Country: Palestine
Period of implementation: 15/01/2021 – 31/01/2021

This action contributes to the establishment of a department for agricultural business and projects to incubate entrepreneurial ideas and attempt to formulate them. It aims to provide projects with sustainable production returns that are managed by youth and represent a source of income for tens of individuals. Expected result is to contribute to the employment of a small number of engineers and the workforce (12 persons), with good marketing and the exploitation of some supporters to ensure the continuity and expansion of the project and its sustainability.

  • Cultivating the plant (Aloe Vera) and producing a number of health products by packaging agricultural products in a specialized laboratory and marketing them, besides supporting a project to cultivate the (Azolla) plant using waterbodies, which will be used as a good alternative for animal feed.