Better by Bike15.12.2020

Country: Egypt
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Heba Ahmad Attia
Organization: Tabdeel, Egypt
Duration: 10-20 June 2020

The campaign “Better by Bike” will be implemented in Cairo and Alexandria for a period of 10 days. It aims to reduce air pollution through clean transport.
As cycling is still seen as a recreational activity or sport and not a serious mode of transport, this initiative aims to change this habit by encouraging people to cycle to work over a 10-day period, then share their experiences. The campaign promotes a key message “Cycling can be a healthy, clean, and fast commuting option.” It targets a long-term impact on behavioural change when it comes to modal choice in mobility and advocates for cycling to be an integrated part of the urban mobility scene in Egypt.
The participants will be given incentives, awards, and discounts on bike renting and repairs. The action will also encourage business companies to incentivize their employees to cycle to work, and the local cycling groups to participate in urban mobility.
The campaign comes in a critical time when many cities around the world are building ambitious plans for cycling mobility after easing the lockdown and protective measures against Covid-19, therefore BETTER BY BIKE targets key workers and employees who still need to commute everyday while practicing social distancing. Eventually, the action will change the participants’ habits, provide local authorities with data on cycling routes, safety, and accessibility affecting future urbanism plans; and reduce traffic and air pollution in the two cities.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting online campaign to collect bike users pledge for cycling during the 10 days
  • Granting award for best participation
  • Organizing a closing seminar
  • Collecting day-to-day data gathered from the users during the event including feedback on safety and accessibility, distances travelled, etc.



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