BUILDx: Social Innovation Series11.02.2021

Leader’s name: Mays Kuhail
Country: Palestine
Organization: Build Palestine organization
Period of implementation: 17/01/2021- 27/01/ 2021

The action aims to raise awareness and assess the current social solidarity economy and need for social innovation in Palestine, and the Mediterranean as a whole. The expected results of the action are reaching about 100,000 people through targeted social media campaign ads to foster the conversation on social solidarity economy, and the paramount need for social innovation in Palestine, and produce factual content to be shared on social media and via the BuildPalestine website with regards to social innovation and entrepreneurship in the Palestinian ecosystem, and encourage local change makers to kick off their own projects as well as hosting a BUILDx event.

  • Implementing ten-day digital social media marketing campaign, Virtual BUILDx event and publishing report/sector review as a follow-up, in addition to sharing the virtual event session on our website and through social media.