Citizens for the recovery of household waste15.12.2020

Country: Tunisia
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Slim Ben Abdallah
Organization: Magnolia Association, Tunisia
Duration: 1-10 June 2020

This action is led by the Med Dialogue Fellow, Slim Ben Abdallah. It will be implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Agareb, located in the region of Sfax. The aim is to raise the public awareness on the environmental problems in the southern Mediterranean.
80 persons will directly benefit from this action including 43 women and 37 men who will be trained in selective sorting, recovery of household waste and composting. The sessions shall focus on: Sorting waste in garbage cans and reducing the amount of household waste destined for the landfill.

Key Activities:
  • Launching a raising awareness campaign to educate residents of the Rafaha Agareb city on the importance of recycling household waste.
  • Supporting local stakeholders for the proper management of household waste.
  • Installing composters for organic waste.