Community Organisations Working on a Policy that Supports the Environment in the City of Hasaka15.12.2020

Country: Syria
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Alva Ali
Organization: PEL-Civil Waves Organisation
Duration: 10-20 June 2020

The awareness campaign led by the Med Dialogue Fellow Alva Ali in partnership with the Office of Organisation Affairs and local CSOs, in Hasaka, Syria, is aiming to study the excessive use of plastics by civil society organisations (CSOs) during workshops in the absence of dedicated environment- protection policies in the organisation, in addition to drafting a recommendation paper regarding the issue.
After conducting a study on plastic waste produced by CSOs, this initiative will provide local organisations and representatives of the Office of Organisation Affairs with a platform to discuss the issue and possible solutions. The participants will come up with recommendations for an internal policy regarding environment protection measures to be adapted by the organisations. This action hopes to result in an increased awareness among CSOs regarding their role in preserving the environment, and the implementation and promotion of a policy dedicated to reducing plastic waste.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting a study on environmental practices by CSOs
  • Holding individual discussions on relevant issues and collecting recommendations
  • Establishing an environmental forum