Eco Med Child15.12.2020

Country: Tunisia
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Dhekra Elhidri
Organization: Change Alliance for Development (CAD)
Duration: 15-30 June 2020

In Tunisia, environmental pollution, particularly due to plastic waste, is a real challenge, where Tunisia ranks fourth in terms of plastic products consumption in the Mediterranean region.
In response, the association “Change Alliance for Development” finds it necessary and urgent to start raising awareness and educating children who are the future seeds of sustainable development. The association is implementing a participatory and inclusive campaign entitled “Eco Med Child” in collaboration with several public private partners and civil society organisations.
Given the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project will focus on an online awareness campaign for children through their parents. It will be implemented in partnership with “ODD pour la Mauritanie/SDG for Mauritania” and Med Dialogue fellows Diop Abderrahmane from Mauritania. Eco Med Child is thus a project to raise awareness among children aged 6 to 12 years to be Eco Child/ Eco Hero. The children will commit to respect all the points and adopt the Eco-gestures to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic. The action is expected to induce change in the behaviour of children about the prevention and reduction of waste, particularly plastic waste and foster a culture of environmental commitment among children.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting 3-day training sessions for students with an agronomic background, on the theme of ecology and the environment and how to collaborate with children.
  • Producing series of cartoon videos "Eco-Child / Eco-Heroes". These videos will be in Mauritanian dialect with subtitles in French and Arabic. These animated series to be shared on Facebook: the idea is to produce 4 videos (2 videos by Dhekra Elhidri and 2 videos by Diop Abderrahmane) and share them together in order to have Eco Child in the 2 countries in parallel (Tunisia and Mauritania) and maximize the chances of visibility and positive impact.
  • Launching an awareness campaign in virtual mode on Facebook