Eco Med Child15.12.2020

Country: Algeria
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Hichem Chenaker
Organization: Cedar Association for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Khenchela, Algeria
Duration: 10-20 June 2020

The environmental pollution caused by the accumulation of plastic materials in the Mediterranean basin is increasing, especially in Algeria. It has become a need to educate people to confront this problem, change their way of thinking to act in the interests of a sustainable and peaceful future.Eco Med Child is a project to raise awareness among primary schools. It consists of signing a chart with our association stipulating that pupils will fully respect the environment, reduce plastic consumption, use of it once, and encourage recycling.
This action will result in the preservation of the environment, reduction of plastic waste, adoption of good environmental practices at schools, change in their habits and better understanding of climate change and its effects.

Key Activities:
  • Organization of awareness campaigns for the benefit of pupils from two primary schools in the province of Khenchela on environmental protection and plastic waste
  • A cleaning operation of two primary schools in the province of Khenchela
  • A tree-planting campaign in two primary schools in the province of Khenchela



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