Educating society about Social and Solidarity Economy11.02.2021

Leader’s name: Hetam Yousaf khalleefah Al-Zahaf
Country: Lybia
Organization: Sonnaa Al Amal
Period of implementation: 23/01/2021- 26 /01/2021

The aim of this action is to promote the concept of social and solidarity economy and its importance in supporting the most vulnerable groups, enhance the role of social initiatives and involvement of relevant authorities in these initiatives. The expected results are increasing the number of people interested in the solidarity economy and community participation in 7 Libyan cities located in west coast and raising the state of awareness among many young people about the importance of this activity.

  • Preparing an evaluation questionnaire to educate different groups on economic solidarity, in order to know the aspects that will be emphasized in the media campaign, publishing a photo, video and brochure on the solidarity economy, sending text messages on phones containing awareness of the solidarity economy, monitoring and evaluation at the end of the campaign.



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