Environmental campaign: clean-up, awareness raising and environmental animation15.12.2020

Country: Tunisia
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Najoua Khlaifi
Organization: INMAA Association for Development and Entrepreneurship & Agro-ValoriZ, Tunisia
Duration: 13 June 2020

Having a better environment to live in is a human right. Therefore, this action aims to organize a campaign to embellish an urban green area located in El Wahat City, Aouina despite its strategic location in the heart of a chic neighbourhood, this urban garden is neglected, dirty and poorly laid out. The action consists of cleaning this area, beautifying it, and installing benches and garbage cans.
To attract more participants and raise awareness on the importance of a clean environment, the action will facilitate a children’s session on environmental issues. The aim of this action is to make citizens (adults and children) aware of the importance of green spaces and the cleanliness of the environment by involving them in the cleanliness of local green spaces. It will be implemented in partnership with Association Positiver and Citizen Hub Tamk-In, Agro-ValoriZ, municipality of La Goulette, city beautification committee within the municipality of La Goulette, and ANGED.

Key Activities:
  • Corresponding with the partners and the National Waste Management Agency
  • Launching the event via social networks
  • Printing and distribution of the posters in various institutions, especially those that are places of attraction for young people and children (youth centres, universities, etc.)
  • Purchasing benches and garbage cans
  • Purchasing masks, gloves and garbage bags and planning of coffee and lunch breaks for participants during the awareness campaign


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