ESS’s Debate11.02.2021

Leader’s name: Brinci Hibat Allah
Country: Tunisia
Organization: Association AIDE , Association Youtheon
Period of implementation: From 19/01/2021 to 31/01/2021

Association  AIDE , Association Youtheon Enhance the public awareness-raising by mobilization and integration of the local population (young people and women) for the definition and propagation of SSE and clarification of the SSE principles through simulations. Using live broadcast to advocate on YouTube channel “ESS’s Debate” explaining the law of ESS and integrating new expertise in the field, in addition to collaborating with TV channels and radios for the message dissemination. Moreover, inviting local authority officials to participate in focus groups and debates to be broadcasted afterwards on YouTube channel.

  • Conducting focus groups to exchange and debate on the definition and principles of SSE and potential sectors
  • Holding an online training session on the legal framework and SSE law
  • Identifying SSE initiatives
  • Creating 5 promotional spots
  • Creating a channel to disseminate the experiences.