Five Day Training for Syrian Children- Al Zatari Camp15.12.2020

Country: Jordan
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Oula Omar Alchayb
Organization: UNICEF
Duration: 15-25 June 2020

The activity is led by the Med Dialogue Fellow, Oula Omar to study the environmental situation at Al Zatari Camp and raise awareness among refugees about plastic waste and its effect on nature. It targets 30 Syrian children and their parents and will run with the support of volunteers. The effort to raise children’s awareness will take shape as sessions to teach children how to rebuild their country through green architecture, recycling, and plastic use reduction, in addition to related film screenings in Amman. This activity will be followed with student-catered sessions that will provide lesson plans and discussion guides, and work with educators to create experiences for students and teachers alike. The sessions will provide them with the necessary tools to recycle plastic waste and other materials into useful items, such as furniture. The students will also plant trees and help cleaning public spaces in Amman.
The action will result in a better understanding by refugees about plastic pollution, making the products recyclable, and the best usage of recycled materials to make furniture. It will increase their abilities to give high quality contributions to environmental activities in Amman.