Learning from the system: Paving the way for sustainable solid waste management in Jordan22.06.2022

Country: Amman
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Hazem ABDALLAH
Organization: Dibeen For Environmental Development Association
Duration: 15/03/2022 – 29/03/2022

This action is about creating an effective recycling programme for Amman, Jordan to tackle the environmental issues in the city. It aims to provide suggestions and solutions to the problems faced by institutions working on waste management in Jordan. A practical guide will be presented to the Jordanian government, including simulations, based on the recycling model in Cairo (Zabbaleen City).

Key Activities:
  • Conducting one study on the largest recycling systems in Africa and the Middle East (Zabbaleen City) and drawing inspiration from the methods already developed.
  • Simulating the study results within a sample of 200 households in Amman.
  • Developing an open-source practical manual including proposals aiming at influencing the Waste department of the Greater Amman’s Municipality.



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