Mediterranean Innovators for Solidarity11.02.2021

Leader’s name: Khoder Eid
Country: Lebanon
Organization: Med Up project (oxfam) funded by EU, Youth Leadership programme YLP funded by UNDP, TEC (Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club), OMDI project (makesense)
Period of implementation: 15/01/2021- 31/01/2021

Spread the awareness about the importance of sorting at source (environmental project) in 150 buildings but as an example for the circular economy in one hand and for the social solidarity economy (as his impact) in the other hand, in one of the poorest cities on the Mediterranean Sea (Tripoli) that suffer from a waste problem (environmentally), from a declining economy and a lack of social solidarity to solve this problem. The expected results are 5 volunteers trained and collaborate to deliver an awareness campaign about the waste problem and how the SSE concept can be the model to solve it. Results expected

  • Training for 5 volunteers, deliver awareness for 150 Buildings by painting their roofs with Green Track Logo after the 5 previous steps, and making a 2-to-3-minute video.