National Awareness Campaign on the Lebanese and Mediterranean Biodiversity Conservation15.12.2020

Country: Lebanon
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Rida Boutros
Organization: Jouzour Loubnan Association, Lebanon
Duration: 1-15 June 2020

The environmental awareness campaign is led by the Med Dialogue Rida Boutros in cooperation with the Lebanese association “Jouzour Loubnan” and BCI at Saint Joseph University – College of Science. It focuses on raising awareness about environmental issues by sensitizing Lebanese citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers to save the country’s forests and natural resources and calling for action and strengthening forest best practices. It also encourages the Lebanese to participate in efforts to conserve forests and biological diversity, through sustainable reforestation in Lebanon. The action aims to reach at least 210,000 citizens residing in Lebanon in addition to 516,000 Lebanese in the diaspora.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting 10-day online campaign across the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Jouzour Loubnan’s website.
  • Producing videos to promote the campaign



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