Online workshop week11.02.2021

Leader’s name: Mohamed Saleck Heyin
Country: Mauritania
Organization: Réseau des Jeunes Scientifiques Mauritaniens (RJSM)
Period of implementation: 18/01/2021- 21/01/ 2021

The aim is to promote social entrepreneurship in Mauritania by strengthening the capacities of at least 50 young people in Mauritania in terms of SSE and by strengthening their capacities in project management. The action will help foster networking between committed young people, solve community challenges by sharing their experience and raise their awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Online launching ceremony of the series of virtual workshops with the participation of the Minister of Youth Employment and sports and other personalities
  • Launching a public ceremony through live streaming on Facebook, developing a video on SSE for the awareness-campaign and publishing posters on ESS during the week of the event
  • Organizing online workshops on SSE, the SDGs and the concepts of setting up and managing social and solidarity projects
  • Organizing a session on sharing experience whereby young social entrepreneurs will be invited to testify about their entrepreneurial experience, organizing two webinars to the general public, online monitoring and mentoring of the participants’ initiative.



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