Our Environment after the Pandemic15.12.2020

Country: Lybia
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Wajd Alsaadi
Organization: Chlorophyll
Duration: 1-10 June 2020

The action aims to increase community awareness on the impact of the daily lifestyle on the environment and raise the concern about the absence of environmental policies to protect the biodiversity in Libya. A list of recommendations will be shared with the stakeholders and authorities to help launch a dialogue on environmental policies.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting an outreach campaign: implemented throughout the timeframe of this action using Facebook and Twitter media platforms.
  • Organizing webinar sessions with guest experts from different background to share their views and recommendations on protecting environment after Covid-19 and to celebrate Environment Day 2020. The action will launch the event in partnership with the Ministry of Environment.
  • Producing a short video on why it is important to take actions towards protecting the environment.