Our Environment, Our Culture15.12.2020

Country: Lybia
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Ali Ahled Hussein
Organization: Youth and Giving Organisation, Libya
Duration: 05-15 June 2020

An awareness campaign targeting Sebha City, Libya, aimed at educating the population about the dangers of plastic waste and change their behaviours to contribute to environmental preservation. It is led by the Med Dialogue Fellow Ali Ahmed Hussein in partnership with the city’s council and local organisations
Sebha suffers from waste accumulation in residential areas due to dump sites being close to some neighborhoods such as Hay Abdel Kafi, and the absence of a recycling plant in southern Libya. In many cases, waste is burned and the resulting smoke spreads to cities, causing emissions of greenhouse gases and an increase in respiratory issues among the residents. Therefore, this action will work on informing the local community of how to reduce plastic waste, through practices such as removing waste from streets and waterways, reducing use of nylon bags, and separating plastic from other types of waste like food remains for recycling purposes.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting a social media opinion poll to assess the population's awareness of the campaign’s topics
  • Organising an online seminar with the participation of personalities from civil society interested in the environment and the municipal council, as well as from the General Cleaning Company
  • Sharing a promotional video and leaflet to raise awareness about Plastic's dangers and setting up an advocacy campaign on social media
  • Running a drawing competition on plastic material damages and innovative recycling
  • Producing a video recording competition on limiting the use of plastic and/or household plastic waste recycling



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