Qus Environment Days15.12.2020

Country: Egypt
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Amine Osama
Organization: Qus Baladna Youth Group
Duration: 15-30 June 2020

The awareness campaign is led by the Med Dialogue Fellow Amin Osama and partners Qus Culture House, Qus Educational Directorate, and the Ministry of Environment, and will run for 16 days in Qus, Egypt. The action promotes intellectual and psychological awareness of environmental issues and encourages youth to practice eco-friendly traditional crafts like pottery and Ferka. It targets children, students, and teachers.
The campaign focuses on raising youth awareness on the environmental challenges surrounding them and provides a better understanding of the region’s ecological challenges. It expects to engage participants in recycling, the use of alternative materials, promote Mediterranean cooperation, and introduce audiences to new genre of movies. The film screenings will be organised online in case of gathering restrictions due to the Covid-19 emergency.

Key Activities:
  • Screening 4 environmental films (including feature, short, documentary).
  • Conducting workshops for teachers and students to introduce eco-friendly practices like recycling.
  • Running Masterclasses on effects of climate change and best usage of leftover foods.
  • Organizing art exhibition showcasing the outputs of the workshops.
  • Evaluation at the end of the event of changes in participants' behaviour.