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Social and Solidarity Economy & Energy (SSEE)09.02.2021

Leader’s name: Hichem Chenaker
Country: Algeria
Organization: Cedar Association for the protection of the environment and sustainable development. Khenchela, Algeria.
Period of implementation: 15/01/2021 – 31/01/2021

The action is about building the capacity development of young people by enhancing awareness and technical capability in solar pumping system for drip irrigation in the Sahara of Khenchela province. The aim is to increase agricultural production, create green employment and analyze the possibility of generalizing this alternative agricultural production.

  • Conducting workshops to raise awareness among university students on the social and solidarity economy (SSE)
  • Organizing training sessions for young people on how to install and maintain solar panels for irrigation in isolated sites
  • Meeting between the employment support systems (ANSEJ, ANGEM and CNAC) to obtain a micro-credit for an income-generating activity and, providing technical support and advice to ensure project continuity


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