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Leader’s name: Firas Bali
Country: Palestine
Organization: Ibtikar Palestine
Period of implementation: 15 – 31/ 01/ 2021

Story Tell aims to support Palestinian entrepreneurs to realize their potential as social innovators and providing them with the skills needed to tackle the social issues that they face in their communities, as well as encourage Palestinian entrepreneurs to use storytelling in order to create connections with their community and peers. The expected results are 10 young entrepreneurs with enhanced skills in self-expression, public communication, leadership, able to use storytelling for networking, can influence and advocate as well as 10 blogs  published by the trained entrepreneurs and promoted on different social media channels.

  • Implementing a 3-days training program for 10 pre-selected entrepreneurs and producing 10 blogs that will be developed by trained entrepreneurs as a result of the training program. As well as promoting the stories on the trained entrepreneurs’ on and social media.


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