Sustainability Leaders Bootcamp22.06.2022

Country: Cheraga
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Abdelfettah HERIZI
Organization: Leancubator
Duration: 19/03/2022 – 26/03/2022

The action is about building the capacity of young people by enhancing their awareness of current environmental, food security, and health issues. It aims to enable the emergence of new young leaders through developing a critical thinking mindset and creating an active student community. The action focuses mainly on equipping participants with critical thinking tools and reinforcing their capacities in problem-solving and project development in order to foster collaboration and create new environmental leaders.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting a seven-day training to build the knowledge and skills of 20 young students in the areas of sustainable development, co-creation of value, ideation, project development, pitching techniques, networking, and cooperation.
  • Hosting a reunion between the participants and a committee of experts in order to pitch their final ideas. In this reunion, three of the best participants will be selected, supported and coached to implement their actions.



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