The Development Of Societies By Critical Thinking: Think Outside The Box25.04.2022

Country: Byblos city
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Claudine ZAAROUR
Organization: N/A
Duration: 26/03/2022

This action is about building the capacity of university students and junior professionals from different regions in Lebanon in the hope to spread the critical thinking mindset. The objective is to highlight the importance of critical thinking in creating the collective and individual identity in the Lebanese society by showcasing the impact of this skill on the academic, professional and socio-economic sides, as well as, on the political decisions.

Key Activities:
  • Holding a conference to discover Critical thinking, its tools and its combination with creative thinking, highlight its importance in the public administrative decisions, in the agriculture, Legal, educational and medical fields and show its impact on unmasking fake news and misinformation.
  • Discussing in-depth citizenship concept, as well as the role of youth in promoting inclusive and active participation at the social, economic and political levels, learning techniques for making wise decisions and highlighting the role of critical thinking in promoting dialogue, peace and respecting others.



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