The Sea is Ours 202015.12.2020

Country: Palestine
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Ali Mhanna
Organization: CIVITAS, Gaza, Palestine
Duration: 15-30 June 2020

The action is led by the Med Dialogue Fellow Ali Mhanna in partnership with the Gaza Municipality and Civitas Association. The main activity is to reconstruct the marine site of “The Sea is Ours” project to make it a launch pad for its advocacy campaign in the summer. The action aims to reduce negative behaviours practiced by beachgoers in Gaza, by conducting a raising awareness through creative activities, such as theatre and crafts. The end goal is to preserve an area of 5 kilometres from seashore. The target audience consists of youth aged 19-25, of 10 youth teams in the city, and up to 3000 attendants on the beach.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting a public information campaign targeting local communities at large, via informative brochures and social media networks
  • Signing MoU with the Gaza Municipality to host activities and cover a 5-kilometre area from shore to be cleaned and preserved.
  • Organizing awareness-raising campaigns with volunteers and trained professionals; recycling workshops; nighttime tours; storytelling sessions; games and competitions; art installations; debates with audience members and policymakers.
  • Planning in collaboration with the Municipality and consultation with the participants, sustainable activities going beyond the common action period.