Clima-Med – Acting for climate in South Mediterranean


Clima-Med is a four year program from 2018-2022 with a budget of EUR 6.9 million provided by the EU (ENP) that seeks to provide technical assistance for civil society organization working towards sustainable and climate-resilient economies.  The project aims at improving climate change governance and mainstreaming climate action at the regional and national levels. At the local level, the project supports the development and implementation of local Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SEACAPs) that allow municipalities to join the Covenant of Mayors.

Climate finance is the third key component of this action: the project also contributes to easing investments by enabling beneficiaries to better access available finance mechanisms, thereby leading to the implementation of sustainable climate actions at national and local levels.

The program is regional in scope and covers Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia. It is implemented by Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics GmbH & Co KG.

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This document is a synthesis of actions made in 2019 by various civil society groups that is broken down into four sections, including: a sector-based book which covers 6 major emissions sectors; an adaptation book that covers the adaptation of climate measures in terms of concepts, territories, economic sectors, and financing; a local action book which includes information on actions taken by local governments around the world; and a finance book which assesses actions taken in the financial sector. The report is global in scope.

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  • Publisher: Global Observatory for Climate Action
  • Year: 2019


  • Language(s): English
  • Number Of Pages: 25
  • Type Of Document: report



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