Digital rights in the Mediterranean: What role for the European Union?


This report on Cyber surveillance, internet shutdowns and online censorship is analysing the widespread threats to human rights in the region. Unrolling digital transformation with weak data protection laws and without strong cybersecurity strategies and capabilities could leave citizens and institutions vulnerable to malign attacks or data mining by private companies.
The research has been conducted after five webinars were held under the new thematic pillar of ‘Security’ – involving the participation of civil society experts, project staff and EU representatives to share ideas, among them the digital security.

About Majalat

The overall objective of Majalat is to create and promote a space of encounter and constructive dialogue between the civil society of the South of the Mediterranean and the European Union.
The specific objective is to mobilize civil society as well as other key players in the field/ region, such as social movements, youth organizations, etc. so that they can actively engage in a regional, structured dialogue with EU institutions during the annual civil society forum in Brussels. Each year, through an annual cycle of activities, civil society organizations gather to discuss and exchange on 5 themes that are central for the relations between the EU and countries in the region (Governance and Rule of Law, security and countering violence, migration, economic and social dialogue, social and climate justice). The results of these discussions will be brought from the field into structured (policy) dialogues with the European Union.
MAJALAT project is funded by the European Commission (2018-2021) and has a budget of € 3 million. It is implemented by The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), The Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC), The Alternatives Forum Morocco (FMAS), The Euromed Rights Network, the Euromed France network and the European network SOLIDAR. It is a regional project that targets southern Mediterranean countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia.

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  • Author: Majalat
  • Year: 2021


  • Language(s): English
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