The EU’s Erasmus + programme offers students, higher education staff and institutions from neighbouring countries opportunities for exchange and mobility, including: Short-term scholarships and full master’s degree scholarships (Joint Master’s Degree) for students, with financial support covering travel and living costs abroad ; Scholarships for staff to study, teach, train or be trained in a foreign university, for between 2 days and 2 months ; Opportunities for cooperation between European and Southern Mediterranean universities including bilateral agreements on international mobility projects for students and staff, capacity building to support the modernisation of higher education, and the possibility to take part in a consortium organising staff and student mobility ; Jean Monnet Activities: open to higher education institutions active in the field of European integration studies, including teaching and research, support to associations, and policy debate with the Academic World.
Erasmus+ is funded by the European Commission from 2014-2027 and had a budget of €14.7 billion. It is a regional project that targeted southern Mediterranean countries, such Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia (Neighbourhood South)

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This publication, contains the flagship EU Erasmus+ programme, which represents one of the Europe’s most tangible achievements: uniting people and creating a European sense of belonging and solidarity, through life-changing learning experiences. The programme gives millions of Europeans a wider field of expression, creating new friendships, raising qualifications and improving the prospects of all participants to better succeed in life. Evidence and participants’ testimonies both show that Erasmus+ enables young people to thrive in the modern labour market and in an increasingly diverse society


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  • Year: 2019


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