A hazine or a khazina خزينة  is a repository. It is where you put things. Accordingly, Hazine began as an archives review site in 2013, producing content relevant to Ottoman, Middle East and North Africa studies.  Since ‘relaunching’ in 2018, with new editors, Heather Hughes and N.A Mansour, Hazine has continued to provide the research community with archive reviews, but the site was also reworked to be more broadly inclusive of cultural heritage and information science professionals and highlight their contributions to research on the Islamicate world across time.  We introduced our new resource lists (including for visual sources and digitized collections), as well as interviews and essays, as we saw increased opportunities for Hazine as a publishing platform. We began to rethink the website’s visual identity. We have also added two editors, Shabbir Agha Abbas and Marwa Gadallah, to our team to support the demand for diverse content. 

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