Mapping of Dialogue and Peacebuilding Organisations and Initiatives in Ukraine


This study titled “ Mapping of Dialogue and Peacebuilding Organisations and Initiatives in Ukraine” was conducted by the experts of the Mediation and Dialogue Research Center at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine between September and December 2020 as a part of a bigger project on Mapping Actors of the Conflict in Donbas. The goal of this study was to develop a comprehensive research-informed inventory of organisations and initiatives (including NGOs and other registered civil society organisations as legal entities, as well as informal initiatives and collaborative projects) currently active in Ukraine and focusing on dialogue and peacebuilding. The study has focused on as many organisations and initiatives as possible including (1) Ukrainian civil society organisations and initiatives; (2) international nongovernmental organisations and initiatives; (3) international inter-governmental organisations and initiatives.

About CivilM+

The CivilM+ is an open independent platform for European civil society. The platform offers its participants the opportunity to collaborate as part of joint initiatives and projects, to develop and express joint positions, provide mutual support and solidarity, systematise knowledge, raise levels of qualification and improve coordination. The mission of the CivilM+ platform is the active integration of civil initiatives and other activities to restore the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts as peaceful, integrated, and developed regions as part of a democratic Ukraine and a united European space, with the active participation of the region’s population and those who have left the region due to the conflict. This platform works based on democratic values such as the respect for and protection of human dignity as well as the observation and realisation of fundamental human rights and basic freedoms, including the rejection of discrimination on any grounds.

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