MeHSIP – Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme


MeHSIP (2009-2018) is a European Union programme with the budget of €12.2 million. Led by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and cooperating closely with other European Financial Institutions, MeHSIP is part of the European Union’s contribution to the Horizon 2020 Initiative, which addresses the main sources of pollution entering the Mediterranean Sea through environmental investments, capacity building, monitoring the state of the Mediterranean environment and research.

The objectives of the programme are the following:

  1. Promote adequate and sound water, wastewater, and solid waste and industrial emissions management in the Southern Mediterranean Region.
  2. Reduce risk and enhance the quality of people’s lives by improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation services as well as through sound solid waste management.
  3. Contribute to achieving the UfM «Horizon 2020 for a cleaner Mediterranean Sea» objectives on prevention and reduction of the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea.

The project is to provide Technical Assistance for the preparation of investment projects in the following sectors:

  • Natural resources efficiency,
  • Pollution reduction,
  • Climate actions (adaptation and mitigation),

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  • Author: European Investment Bank (EIB)


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