NET MED Youth (Network of Mediterranean Youth)


The NET MED Youth program was active from 2014-2018 with a budget of 8.8 million EUR, implemented by UNESCO and funded by the RU. It is a regional program focused on 10 countries throughout the Eastern and Western basins of the Mediterranean, including: Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. It focuses on supporting youth to be active citizens and take part in decision-making through skills building, and providing needed skills, tools, and capacities. Activities include taking part in developing and monitoring youth strategies, producing and monitoring youth-related media content, and development of policy around youth employment.

Activities include: providing capacity building of youth organizations, national studies of youth organizations, regional evaluations of youth participation in web platforms and social media, convening meetings and workshops, implementing simulation exercises and pedagogical workshops, holding workshops and events for the public, networking and interactive exchanges, journalist training, and skills building in forecasting simulation models.

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