Nonviolence! Peacebuilding Training Handbook.


The handbook is titled: “Nonviolence! Peacebuilding Training.” It is a series of suggestions and recommendations for workshops and exercises about a whole range of topics closely related to peacebuilding, including nonviolent communication, cooperation and teamwork, as well as, leadership; violence, prejudice and discrimination, identity and diversity, understanding of, analysis and creative conflict resolution; gender equality, dealing with the past: reconciliation, dealing with fear, power; trust-building, nonviolence and peace activism, and nonviolent actions.

About Centre for Nonviolent Action

CNA’s mission is the building of sustainable peace in the region of former Yugoslavia through the promotion of nonviolence and dialogue, and through trust-building among individuals and groups, as well as constructive dealing with the past. CNA has been striving to achieve a society of sustainable peace where the development of critical thinking, taking responsibility for society and community, the encouragement to reassess one’s own attitudes, and the acceptance of diversity are cherished. To achieve these social values, the center applies different kinds of activism, while focusing on peace education, publishing, and video production. With the programmes of peace education and activities in the field of documentary film production and publishing, CNA strives to create and strengthen resources for peace work in the region of the former Yugoslavia

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  • Publisher: CNA-Centre for Nonviolent Action
  • Year: 2018


  • Language(s): English, Macedonian, Albanian
  • Type Of Document: Handbook



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