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Open Media Hub project aims at creating a virtual media hub ( spanning the two regions, in order to contribute to the development of independent media and to a more accurate presentation of EU policies. The program was active 2016-2019 with a budget of EUR 8 million.

Countries covered: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine Russia,(East); Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia (South)

The main objectives of the program were: to provide journalists in the Neighbourhood countries with skills that help to improve independent and objective reporting; to provide Neighbourhood editorial and management staff with skills needed to run independent media outlets; and to reinforce a network of Neighbourhood journalists and media professionals that is actively used as a professional resource and networking platform.

OPEN Media Hub provided skills to journalists and media managers through the fostering of professional networks, the provision of practical workshops, of exchange and support to audio-visual and online production.

It was implemented by a consortium led by Thomson Foundation. The Consortium includes Action Global, European Journalism Centre, Free Press Unlimited, France Médias Monde, Ipsos Mori and Particip

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To identify any “Fake news” one needs to know the basic principles, the method, and the tools ... but also common sense and a lot of caution. Here are the techniques that the AFP Factuel team uses every day.

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  • Author: Guillaume Daudin
  • Year: 2019


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