Rawabet Library


Rawabet  is a project created and lead by Hamzet Wasel, its core action is to develop and manage an online portal for civil society institutions working in and for Syria.

The online portal will provide a series of different services, such as: online library, sharing and translating resources published by different NGOs, INGOs and researchers, NGOs directory, posting events done and will be implemented, announcing job vacancies, call for proposals, listing experts & trainers working in Syria and for Syria, national & international reports related to Syria, videos & media productions by NGOs, Trends Reports and launching initiatives and campaigns.

Rawabet aims to “Transform the level of communication and networking between NGOs & INGOs, NGOS & funding agencies, NGOs and local communities into an open, transparent, accountable and influential level”.

Rawabet Objectives are:
Citizens, activists, NGOs and INGOs are practicing their right to freedom of information.
Learning and sharing environment among civil society actors working in and for Syria is created.
NGOs & INGO are being held accountable by the local and national communities.

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