Festival of Mediterranean Citizens: Civil society, debates and art in the City of the Elephant- Catania 202231.03.2022

Med Dialogue programme is preparing an amazing event: the “Festival of Mediterranean Citizens” from June 2nd to 5th, 2022 The festival will gather and involve civil society actors from both shores, to build together a “new Mediterranean” promoting citizenship values and human rights. It will be hosted by the Sicilian City of Catania, famous to be the “City of the Elephant”.

“Festival of Mediterranean Citizens” represents an extraordinary opportunity of networking for civil society at large, of addressing their concerns and aspiration with the help of arts and creativity, as well as of amplifying ideas and practices from the premise that the Mediterranean region is a shared heritage that each citizen must commit to protecting as a common good. The festival will include several activities such as: public debates, readings and interviews with authors or thinkers, film screenings and artistic performances, multi-actor thematic dialogue workshops, exhibitions, guided visits to heritage and good practices in the hosting town and a networking fair to share ideas, as well as key findings of Med Dialogue projects. 

The focus of the Festival will rotate around the axes of Med Dialogue’s work on the challenges citizens are facing beyond borders in the Mediterranean. In this regard, it will host a wide range of prominent guests to exchange about their own experiences and challenges: CSO practitioners, activists, writers, artists, journalists, researchers, schools and universities, entrepreneurs and politicians. Participants will have the opportunity to network and learn more about issues, good practices and success stories related to several topics: 

  • The Mediterranean is our common destiny  
  • The cause of democracy 
  • Rights and citizenship for everybody 
  • Making civil society resilient 
  • The challenge of ecological transition 
  • Economy for social justice 
  • Women in society 
  • Cultures and faiths working together 
  • Rule of law and transparency come first 

“This Festival is an open event dedicated to all citizens engaged to build a better future and a common destiny beyond borders, to those who believe that we are citizens who can shape a community recognizing our common roots in diversity, sharing common interests, and building a culture of rights, democracy, and equality. It is the Festival of those who believe that ‘We are Mediterranean’.” Stated Gianluca Solera, Med Dialogue team leader.

To download the festival leaflet, please click here. 

Those who would like to attend the Festival and receive the programme, can directly contact Med Dialogue team by email:  karama.habli@particip.com  

Italian version

Arabic version


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