“Hack To Act Award” for ADALA-BOT solution15.07.2021

15 Hack teams worked day and night during online Hackathon “HackToAct” organized by EU-funded programme Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality from 8 to 11 July 2021. The teams composed by activists, IT developers and graphic designers were supported by IT experts and mentors to refine their ideas and develop digital solution prototypes boosting the impact of technology on better governance, transparency, participation in decision making process, thus contributing to reforms and democratic changes in their home countries.

This online event gathered around 45 civil society actors IT professionals & graphic designers from Mashrek and Maghreb countries to work together in teams on digital solutions covering several areas like e-participation, e-transparency, open data, citizen’s mobilisation, responsible citizenship, citizen-to-citizen services, civil society safety, watchdog & claim support, governmental transparency & accountability, etc.

At the end of the Hackathon and following a final pitching session, three teams were awarded the “HackToAct Award” and granted technical and financial support of 10,000 € each, to further develop, test and launch their digital tools in the upcoming months. 

In this context, ADALA-BOT team composed of Khaled Aldroubi (activist & IT developer, Syria) and Seifeddine Rabhi (graphic designer, Algeria) had the opportunity to be selected and granted one of the three “Hack To Act” Awards. Congratulations ADALA-BOT!

What is ADALA-BOT?

ADALA-BOT is a chatbot providing legal support to Syrians inside Syria and Syrian refugees. In the pilot phase of the project, the Chatbot will chat with the targeted cases/claims, provides them with legal information and advice, and directs them to legal organizations in the areas where they live, without requesting any personal information. Adala-Bot will empower Syrians in better knowing their democratic rights and legal provisions they must deal with! This initiative is a unique innovation for the Middle East and the Arabic speaking countries. It could be easily accessed by Syrians from their homes, by engaging in a conversation with the chatbot through their electronic devices, while protecting their privacy.

Why did the selection committee choose Adala-bot?

This innovative idea tackles an important issue at a regional level by providing customized services. It has the potential to evolve and perfectly meet the target population (refugees)’ needs. Designed by a very harmonious teamwork, the solution is extremely attractive and adapted to the legal needs of the beneficiaries. In terms of durability, the solution aims to benefit financially from other organizations’ subscriptions to the chatbot, which can in return manage the cases/claims put forward by them. Besides that, during the pitching session, the project presentation reflected how much the team worked hard to progress and adapt their solution according to the experts’ recommendations.

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