Maghreb consultation workshop11.12.2020

This consultation gathered 30 civil society actors from five Maghreb Arab countries (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, and Tunisia), in Tunis on 18-21 July 2019, to take part in the regional workshop “Building a Mediterranean Community, a Sterile Utopia or Our Common Destiny?”.

The purpose of this first workshop was to facilitate a consultation process among the participants and provide them with a platform and safe space for dialogue, as well as a useful framework to develop a coherent set of goals and values aimed at shaping a shared vision for the future of the Mediterranean. Participants’ profiles reflected a broad spectrum of experiences and backgrounds including researchers, human rights activists, theologists, agricultural economists, cultural operators, ecologists, entrepreneurs, etc. The workshop also included a capacity development activity on dialogue and negotiation techniques to enhance the participants’ capacities in the subject, strengthen their regional networks, and eventually promote policy dialogue at a regional level. A public roundtable discussion “Building a Mediterranean Community, a Sterile Utopia or Our CommonDestny?” was held on the side-lines of the workshop.

These envisioning exchanges enabled participants to produce a manifesto on the Mediterranean for the years to come, as a common space and a lasting environment for cooperation and political construction.


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