Med Dialogue Programme’s E-library is available now!13.07.2021

Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality EU-Funded Programme is happy to inform you that its E-library is now accessible with new functionalities. The objective of this library is to provide resources on regional issues related to rights as well as useful tools and materials for supporting CSO’s advocacy work in the region, including transnational advocacy. It includes a wide range of support programmes, studies, reports, news and information related to EU work for civil society in the Southern Neighbourhood as well as other entities’ resources in English, Arabic and French.

Designed in a very ergonomic way, it is addressed to a diversified audience, including: Regional civil society organisations & networks, community-based groups, EU Delegations and EC staff, any other EU and international institutions, local and regional authorities, European NGOs working in the region as well as a Research institutions from both EU and the Southern Neighbourhood.

What does it include?

Following a screening of online available information through a pool of researchers, the E-Library has selected information under the following clusters:

a) Closed and ongoing EU programmes supporting civil society work in the Southern Neighbourhood since 2010.

b) Closed and ongoing civil society projects supported through EU funds in the Southern Neighbourhood since 2010.

c) Other individual materials which can be useful to CSOs in their regional work, including: toolkits, manuals, research/case studies, mapping studies, surveys, reports, policy-papers.

d) A list of websites that provide databases of resources or contacts which can be useful to CSOs in their regional work.

It is recalled that this E-library has been developed in the framework of Med Dialogue Programme in order to help bridging the existing information gap, displaying existing resources and good practices, and providing wider access to opportunities (training, funding, partnerships, CFPs, calls for interest, calls for papers, etc.) to Euro-Mediterranean civil society.

Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality is a 3-year (2019-2022) EU-funded technical assistance regional programme with the overall objective to strengthen the role of CSOs active at the regional scale, in building sustainable development, regional cohesion and social resilience, as well as influencing policy-making in the South end Neighborhood and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

For more information, please contact, Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality team leader.


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