Our Consortium

The project is implemented by a consortium composed of Particip GmbH (lead partner), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD). The consortium has extensive experience in the areas of civil society support, human rights, democracy strengthening, gender equality, as well as policy dialogue and communication. Its vast experience in accompanying and strengthening civil society movements and networks during post-conflict and transition periods as well as the institutional experience working with various EU services combines theoretical knowledge with practical know-how.

Particip GmbH

Particip GmbH offers consulting, training and coaching services to international organizations mainly in developing and in transition countries. Particip can draw from expertise and know-how gained from more than a thousand successful assignments in over 120 countries. In the Neighbourhood South Region Particip is carrying our regional and national projects in different countries, such as Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria or Morocco.

Particip’s services are mainly focused on the support to the public sector and institutional strengthening, capacity building of civil society organizations and non-state actors, local governance, social and human development, regional, rural and local development and the environment and natural resources.