Vision Med 2030
  • Maghreb Workshop

    This consultation gathered 30 civil society actors from five Maghreb Arab countries (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, and Tunisia), in Tunis on 18-21 July 2019, to take part in the regional workshop “Building a shared vision for the Mediterranean: Vision Med 2030”. The purpose of this first wo… Read More

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  • Mashreq Workshop

    Following the Maghreb consultation workshop, 30 participants representing regional civil society networks and organizations from 5 Mashrek Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria), participated in the Mashrek session, in Amman on 2-4 March, 2020. This consultation aimed at develo… Read More

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  • North-South Workshop

    The North-South workshop will gather up to 60 participants from both shores of the Mediterranean, including civil society actors, platforms and other entities that operate on the trans-national level. The criteria for participants include a wide array of backgrounds, including: intellectuals, str… Read More

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