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North-South Workshop

The North-South workshop will gather up to 60 participants from both shores of the Mediterranean, including civil society actors, platforms and other entities that operate on the trans-national level. The criteria for participants include a wide array of backgrounds, including: intellectuals, strategists, artists, writers, political and social activists, institutional representatives, religious clerics, and economic players. To ensure the best form of representation, these participants will be chosen by taking into account the largest spectrum of action, engagement, and development possible, in addition to inviting back the most passionate contributors from the previous workshops.

By the end of the North-South workshop, the participants will adopt a citizens’ statement that combines common values into a vision for the Mediterranean region as grounds for lasting cooperation and political construction. Additionally, the initiative will gather recommendations covering what civil society actors should do over the next decade to achieve that vision, and will be followed by an advocacy campaign to promote this vision, which will target relevant audiences on both sides of the Mediterranean and be taking place throughout the year.

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