Eco Child15.12.2020

Country: Mauritania
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Abderrahmane Diop
Organization: SDGs for Mauritania
Duration: 15-30 June 2020

This action is led by Med Dialogue Fellow Abderrahmane Diop in partnership with SDG for Mauritania (in Mauritania), Change Alliance for Development (in Tunisia) and Med Dialogue Fellow Dhekra Elhidri from Tunisia.
Tunisia and Mauritania, like many North African countries, are facing pollution from plastic waste (bags and cans), deforestation (especially in Mauritania) and marine pollution. This is particularly the case of the coastal city of Bizerte in Tunisia, which is confronted with various forms of pollution. In this governorate, the income of many inhabitants comes essentially from fishing or agriculture. Human activity must therefore be controlled to limit the damage that can occur.
The objective of this action is to focus on raising awareness by educating the children of the two countries on the preservation and protection of their ecosystem and the consideration of the environment in their daily activities.

Key Activities:
  • Organization of two online training sessions on "Environmental protection, how to initiate children"
  • Production of a series of cartoon videos "Eco-Child / Eco-Heroes". These videos will be in Mauritanian dialect with subtitles in French and Arabic to be shared on Facebook: the idea is to produce 4 videos (2 videos by Diop Abderrahmane and 2 videos by Dhekra Elhidri) and share them together in order to have Eco Child in the 2 countries in parallel (Tunisia and Mauritania) and maximize the chances of visibility and positive impact.