Eco festival” Be Eco “, The “Environmental Initiatives Forum”15.12.2020

Country: Egypt
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Radwa Hashim
Organization: Culture and Environment Department, El Watan newspaper
Duration: 5-20 June 2020

The action is led by Med Dialogue Fellow Radwa Hashem in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Marine scouts. It aims at stopping the use of plastic to preserve the environment by providing innovative ideas for plastic re-use, bringing the attention of businessmen and decision-makers to the damage caused by plastic waste to the environment, and urging the media to participate in environmental activities to raise awareness about climate change threats and challenges. People with special needs – including blind people – will take part in these activities, besides documentary filmmakers, wildlife photographers, nature lovers and owners of environmental initiatives, in support of a youth initiative online under the slogan “Art for Life”.

Key Activities:
  • Launching webinars sessions titled "They are recovering" with a group of environmental experts in biological diversity and recycling.
  • Running 2 competitions: for the best in environmental photography and short-films ("Environment in minutes").
  • Launching Festival #Be_Eco (which reviews environmental initiatives with its various components, supports the phasing out of the use of plastics and selects the best start-up in terms of environmental preservation)



#Art_ for_life
## اتحضر_للاخضر
## بلاها _بلاستك
## المبادر
## الفن للحياة
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